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About Nick Taylor

Nick is a Professional Landscape Photographer, Cinematographer, and Content Creator based in Fort Saskatchewan, Alberta, Canada.

Nick’s devotion to exploring combined with creative vision, makes him a highly sought-after creative & photographer.

Nick has always enjoyed traveling around Western Canada from a young age. His first recollection of using a camera was on a family vacation to Vancouver Island & Seattle Washington.

Nick specializes in Landscapes, Cityscapes, Waterscapes & Aerial Photography.

Nick is extremely passionate about helping and inspiring people. By posting video content on YouTube, producing photographic series, and video tutorials, his hopes are to inspire the next generation of Landscape Photographers and to have his viewers escape reality if it is just for a moment.

Nick lives in Fort Saskatchewan, Alberta with his wife Jen (Professional Wedding Photographer + Medical Scribe / Documentation Specialist, Hematology and Oncology) and their two Daughters.

Currently, Nick is available for commission and hire both in Canada and abroad. Head on over to his contact page to get in touch!

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